Another step in the right direction

Another step in the right direction

In Siem Offshore we are constantly searching formethods to deliver a more environmentally friendly operation.

Our latest initiative is to conduct hull inspections on a regular basis, and perform hull cleaning when necessary. We are therefore proud to announce that we have entered into an agreement with the Norwegian based ECOSubsea,who will help us get the job done.  

We like to get things done in an efficient way – ECOSubsea had the tools and we are looking forward to the cooperation!

ECOsubsea has worked for over a decade alongside ship owners, coating manufacturers, ports and environmental regulators to develop an award-winning solution for clean vessel hulls. Their remotely operated underwater vehicles gently remove and capture all organic matter without damaging vessel coatings or polluting surrounding water.

By having regularly inspections and monitoring, we control the biofouling risk and are able to optimize our fuel performance, which benefit both our clients and the environment.

We believe that investment in new technology, daily awareness in our operation and good collaboration are elements that move us in the right direction.  As our Operations Manager, Jon August Houge, rightly says: “This is an important statement in our continuous effort to reduce our environmental footprint”


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