Change of company name

Change of company name

The name change of Siem Offshore Inc. to Sea1 Offshore Inc. has been formally registered in the Cayman Islands Registrar of Companies.

The intention to change the name of the company was previously disclosed in the stock exchange notice of 19 April 2024, as part of the summons to the company's annual general meeting. The name change was effective as of the annual general meeting's approval of the name change on 7 May 2024.

The change of corporate name reflects the sale of 9 vessels to Siem Sustainable Energy S.a r.l and related companies, as further described in the company's stock exchange notice of 5 April 2024. Over the next period of time, the "Siem" prefix will also be removed in the names of the group's vessels and subsidiaries.

The share's ticker will shortly be changed from "SIOFF" to "SEA1". The ISIN-code for the company's shares KYG812291253 will remain unchanged.


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