Competition-driven fuel saving gave results
Jon August Houge, Operational manager at Siem Offshore, says a fuel saving campaign is giving impressive results.

Competition-driven fuel saving gave results

Introducing capture and distribution of real-time operational data from the vessels, has resulted in substantial fuel saving in the Siem Offshore fleet in 2020.

By combining online input from Høglund Ship Performance monitor with the digital graphical tool Maress from Yxney, Siem Offshore is able to display real-time fuel consumption and efficiency data onboard its vessels. Jon August Houge, Operational manager, says the new input enable the vessel crews to compare their performance with regard to fuel saving.

– It has triggered competition among the vessels. Everyone wants to be best in class when it comes to fuel efficiency. With real time input from sensors aboard the ship and theoretical calculation of fuel flow, the crews are able to optimize operation of engines and consumers, says Houge.

A fuel saving campaign that was launched in July 2020 in the Siem Offshore fleet, landed some impressive results, according to Houge.

– During the 30 day campaign, our vessels saved approximately 442 tons of marine diesel, 231 tons of LNG and increased the average efficiency by 20,7 percent, compared to expected consumption levels, based on historical data. This shows the potential when it comes to smart and efficient vessel operation, Houge says.

Houge feels confident that benchmarking fuel consumption on sister vessels will be profitable, not only with regard to fuel costs and emission reduction.

– It will also give Siem Offshore a competitive edge when fighting for tenders and contracts with high focus on emissions and fuel management. They are becoming more and more a standard in the offshore business.

Results July 2020 fuel saving campaign:

442  tonn diesel
231 Tons LNG
20,7 prosent increased efficiency
344 733 dollars saved
30 870 kg NOX saved
CO2: 2130 tons reduction


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