Emergency response training: can we ever practice enough?

Emergency response training: can we ever practice enough?

In our industry, the significance of emergency response training cannot be emphasized enough. Can we ever have an excess of it? Probably not. While we hope to never encounter a serious incident, preparation is key, and that is why we engage in regular training exercises.

This week, we conducted a significant exercise facilitated by Totalsafety. Employees were given a lifelike scenario involving one of our vessels, prompting the activation of the full emergency response team. They participated in a range of drills that covered coordination with emergency services, mobilization, and collaboration between operational and strategic emergency management teams. This also included managing relations with next of kin and the media, alongside utilizing RAYVN – Critical Event Management for the situation.

During this exercise, we also incorporated the AI simulator HiSklls, developed by Sklls, which our Next of Kin team frequently utilizes for training purposes. A combination of real and AI-generated callers reached out for information, providing the team with practice in handling both concerned relatives and intrusive journalists seeking information.

Reflecting on the exercise, Marit Klemp Stephansen from Totalsafety provided valuable feedback, highlighting the importance of our training initiatives and collaborative endeavors:

"We were pleased to facilitate this exercise for Siem Offshore, and we are satisfied with how it went. Overall, the exercise was highly successful, and it was evident that Siem Offshore takes crisis preparedness seriously.

The employees were engaged and enthusiastic, and it was impressive to see how they collaborated during the exercise. There was good calmness and communication, and Siem Offshore appears to be a safe workplace.

We also observed an impressive level of self-reflection among the participants, who actively identified areas for improvement. It is clear that Siem Offshore is a learning organization that prioritizes safety and preparedness. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future," she said.

A big thank you to everyone involved. The success of this exercise further reinforces the importance of continuous training and collaboration in ensuring the safety and preparedness of our team.


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