JOIDES Resolution available for commercial work in Q4 2024

JOIDES Resolution available for commercial work in Q4 2024

We are pleased to inform that the Deep-Water Scientific Research Vessel, JOIDES Resolution, operated by ODL AS, a subsidiary of Siem Offshore, will be available for commercial work starting from the fourth quarter of 2024. Our current contract with Texas A&M Research Foundation (TAMRF) is set to conclude at the end of September 2024, and the vessel will be open for commercial endeavors shortly thereafter. The final scheduled expedition will conclude in Amsterdam on August 2, 2024.

About JOIDES Resolution

The JOIDES Resolution has a rich history of obtaining core samples from various water depths and geological formations. Under contract with TAMRF since the mid-1980s, it has contributed significantly to deep ocean coring and seafloor experiments, including long-term temperature and pressure measurements in boreholes, sponsored by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and supported by 26 member nations participating in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP).

Versatile Applications:

This unique vessel can be repurposed for a wide range of seabed projects. In addition to core drilling, the JOIDES Resolution can be outfitted for:

·        Geotechnical work
·        Installation of top-hole casing
·        Anchor piles for floating wind turbines
·        Seafloor massive Sulfide (SMS) mining and exploration
·        Gas Hydrate work
·        Plug and abandon (P&A) operations
·        Various seabed and borehole experiments

We are open to discussions about modifying the vessel to meet specific project requirements. The JOIDES Resolution will undergo re-certification in December of this year, extending its operational life for another five years. The vessel has also received two major upgrades since its involvement with the IODP in 1985.

Contact information:

For inquiries and further details, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Jonny Hansen, Vessel Manager, or Mr. G. Leon Holloway, Commercial Operations Manager. 

We look forward to exploring opportunities for utilizing the JOIDES Resolution for your future projects.

Additional Information:

For more information about the JOIDES Resolution’s science and operation capabilities, please visit JOIDES Resolution's website here.


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