Results for the Second Quarter 2022

Results for the Second Quarter 2022

Siem Offshore Inc today, 25 August 2022, reports the results for the second quarter 2022.

These are the reports:

- Second Quarter 2022 Report to shareholders

- Presentation Second Quarter 2022

A conference call will be held today at 13:00 CET to review the presentation and the second quarter 2022 release. The conference call will be hosted by Bernt Omdal - CEO, Siem Offshore Inc. and Vidar Jerstad - CFO, Siem Offshore Inc.

To access the conference call, please click here

Alternatively, use the following adress:,N304SU6QlUGAY6Aep9ZjCQ,pXM_cDC4h02jG3EbIDgX_g,faWsbr1eSUKmetLPdPVCHg,xX2_UaQwyECuq7hbQB4j3Q,1bylc4uLY0-PZs8MkUmBWw?mode=read&tenantId=6c794fcd-8416-4d55-9e1b-6142103a80fd

The conference call will be recorded and made available on


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