Work placement on board Siem Offshore vessels
Isabel Damsgaard Telstø & Patrick Hansen Skeie in the engine room on Siem Symphony. Photo: Anine Bentsen

Work placement on board Siem Offshore vessels

This month, six maritime students from Kvadraturen Videregående Skole are having their work placement on Siem Offshore vessels. This is their first trip offshore, and the idea is to give them a taste of what it’s like to work on a vessel. We asked them how it has been so far, and they all agreed that they’ve made the right career choice – without doubt.

Adrian Aamlid Madsen and Ariel Kristensen are placed in the engine department on board the anchor handling tug supply vessel, Siem Pearl.

– The experience has exceeded all my expectations. After only three weeks on board, I can already tell this is what I want to do after finishing school. What has surprised me the most is everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge. There are no stupid questions, and the other crew members explain everything to us in a way that is easy to understand, Adrian says.

Ariel agrees and emphasizes the good working environment on board:

– The entire crew welcomed us with open arms and were extremely accommodating. I must admit I was a little skeptical about living together with 20 strangers for a whole month, but they were all very open and interested in getting to know us, which made me feel at ease right away. And hearing the crew talk about their experiences make me want to do this even more, she says.

Adrian and Ariel on board the Siem Pearl, here during a rig move operation.

An educational and fun experience

Isabel Damsgaard Telsø and Patrick Hansen Skeie are placed on the platform supply vessel, Siem Symphony. They highlight that being on board has been an exciting and learningful experience:

– Being here is completely different from our lifestyle at home. There is always something fun happening around us, and we get to practice everything we have learned in school, which has given us a better understanding of our professions, they say.  


Isabel is having her work placement in the engine department on the Siem Symphony.

– A great opportunity

Amanda and Håkon are placed in the engine department on board the Siem Opal, also an anchor handling tug supply vessel. They are happy to see what life at sea is all about before they finish school.

– This is a great opportunity to find out whether you have made the right career choice. You don’t know what it is like before you have tried it yourself, they say.

– The people, the food… Everything is just great, and we truly feel a part of the “family” on board, Håkon adds.

Amanda and Håkon agree that their first trip offshore has been an unforgettable experience.

A good resource for the vessels

According to Kai Are Sivertsen, Captain on Siem Symphony, it has also been a great experience for the crew to have the students on board.

– It has been a pleasure. They are showing great interest in how the vessel is operated and are eager to learn new things and gain more knowledge. The given tasks are performed in a safe and efficient manner, and they have been a great addition to the team and social life on board, he says.

The first time the Siem Offshore had students placed on our vessels was back in 2010, and we look forward to welcoming more students in the future!


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