Ivana Tabak





Ivana Tabak

Second Officer


Siem Stingray

Introducing Ivana Tabak, one of our remarkable seafarers at SEA1 Offshore! From her humble beginnings as a cadet aboard the Siem Barracuda and Siem Dorado to her current role as second officer on the Siem Stingray, her journey brims with passion for the sea. Recently, amidst her duties aboard the Siem Stingray, we had the opportunity to delve into her seafaring life.

“What do you enjoy the most about working at sea?” we asked. In response, Ivana eagerly expressed: “The camaraderie on board is like no other. It feels like family – a comforting sense of belonging that’s truly unique. And compared to the hustle and bustle ashore, there a serene tranquility out here. I’ve discovered a profound peace being surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean”.

Reflecting on her initial days aboard a vessel, she reminisced: “My first day aboard was overwhelming yet exhilarating. But with each passing day, it only got better. Despite the challenges of travel, once you set foot on board, everything falls into place. Some of my fondest memories were as a cadet on board the SEA1 Barracuda and SEA1 Dorado.”

When describing daily life at sea, Ivana emphasized the importance of cultivating strong relationships with your colleagues on board:

“When you foster genuine connections with everyone on board, it transcends mere work – it becomes a way of life. And the beauty of it all is that aside from work, you have the luxury of focusing on self-care and personal growth, something often neglected amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life ashore.”

On the subject of work-life balance, she disclosed her secret: “A structured rotation certainly helps with planning. During my off-duty periods, I relish the freedom and cherish my time at home. Short trips, like our 4-weeks-on, 4-weeks-off schedule, allow me to spend precious moments with friends and family, a priority close to my heart.”

And, lastly, when asked about her journey into seafaring, she said resolutely: “Despite societal expectations, it was my love for the sea and admiration for the power of ships that drew me here.” Would she recommend a maritime career? Her response was clear: “If you’re even remotely curious, dive in! You’ll quickly discern if it’s your calling. Don’t let stereotypes deter you from pursuing your passion!”

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