Rosilene Veronez





Rosilene Veronez

Finance manager



"Working in a global company like SEA1 Offshore has given me another perspective on my career, and a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally."

When did you join SEA1 Offshore and what is your position?
I started working in SEA1 Offshore in 2015 as a Finance Manager. Although I am in the Brazil-office, I work closely with the finance team located at the headquarter in Norway, and my main responsibilities include accounting, finance, fiscal area, and budgeting.

What do you find most interesting with your job?
I like working in a big, global company like SEA1 Offshore, as systems and procedures are well organized, and policies are well developed. Working in a global company has given me another perspective on my career, and a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

I have more than 30 years of experience from global companies here in Brazil, and as a leader you must find the best solutions for the issues we face on daily work. In accounting and finance, things are very defined. You need to follow rules and procedures, but you always need to be proactive and aware of changing of rules and policies, both locally and globally.

I also love the environment in our office. All the different departments are well integrated with each other across the departments, and we make up a very good team.

What skills have you developed since you started in SEA1 Offshore?
I used to work in the chemical industry and had never worked in an offshore company before I started working in SEA1 Offshore. So, I knew accounting – but I didn’t know the offshore industry, meaning that I had to learn a lot and a whole new vocabulary. I had to learn all the specifics about offshore vessels, onshore systems, issues in the industry, and all the technical terms. I have learned a lot since I started here, and all this has contributed to expand my knowledge. And I really like to learn new things and develop.

What has been your greatest achievement in SEA1 Offshore so far?
Not only mine – but one of our greatest achievements here in the office in Brazil must be the good team work and the good integration we have managed to create across all departments. It is good to have all these good people in the Company!

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