Samuel Lamark





Samuel Lamark

AB Trainee


Siem Pearl

Introducing Samuel Lamark, one of our 2nd-year apprentices. His journey with SEA1 Offshore commenced on board the Siem Symphony, and now he finds himself in the latter half of his apprenticeship on the Siem Pearl. Dive deeper into his experiences and insights in this interview.

Samuel expresses his satisfaction with his choice of a maritime career and enjoys working on an offshore vessel, stating:
– I enjoy working shifts, having time off, and the environment on board is crucial; it’s excellent here. We all live wall-to-wall with each other and see each other all the time. It feels as close with the people you work with as it does with family and friends back home, he says.

As an apprentice, Samuel has already gained broad experience, both in supply and now in anchor handling.

– Being on two different vessels is an advantage. I now have a good understanding of how supply works and what’s involved there. On an Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) such as the Siem Pearl, the tasks are more physically demanding. Gaining experience from both types of vessels is great as it opens up more opportunities, he says, and continues:

– During my first stint on the Siem Pearl, I spent most of the time on the bridge, but now I’m on deck, and it’s incredibly enlightening to be in the midst of it. My colleagues are incredibly skilled and adept at passing on their knowledge. I learn something new every day.

Samuel initially pursued electrical work, intending to become an electrician until he discovered the maritime field.

– It seemed incredibly exciting, and now I’m glad I chose this path instead. I enjoy having ample time off, the ability to travel more, and overall, a greater sense of freedom.

If you're wondering whether you should pursue maritime education, Samuel has a clear advice for you:

– If you’re seeking a job that offers diversity, seems exciting, provides decent pay, and a lot of free time, and you’re interested in maritime and the sea, I highly recommend it.

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