Sander Sørmyr





Sander Sørmyr

Marine electrician on Siem Emerald



"If you choose a career at sea, you get a sea of opportunities."

Sander started working in SEA1 Offshore August 2020 as a marine electrician apprentice on board the SEA1 Stingray. Today, he is employed as marine electrician (ETO) on the anchor handling tug supply vessel SEA1 Emerald.

What excites you most with your job as marine electrician?
I love working on a vessel. I learn new things every day on every trip and it is a fast-paced work environment and many things happening at the same time. And although I am the only electrician on board, we all work in a team – and that is what I really like with my job.

What challenges do you normally face in your job, and how do you manage them?
There are several complex control systems and various communication systems on board, and it happens at times that we are facing challenges with these systems, which can be quite frustrating. However, at the same time, that is what make the days on board so exciting! For me, it has been a lot of reading, testing, and failing, but dealing with these challenges and learning how the complex systems work are important parts of the learning process. The learning curve has been steep!

What advice would you give to others who consider a career at sea?
If you choose a career at sea, you get a sea of opportunities! You meet people from different cultures and with different backgrounds, and you get to travel the world and see places you probably wouldn’t have seen if you didn’t work on a vessel. It is different from a job onshore, but there is never a dull moment on board!

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